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Werner Enterprises

Discussion in 'Trucking Companies' started by BIGROD, Sep 4, 2007.


    BIGROD New Member

    Sep 4, 2007
    Does anybody know how the rookies are treated at Werner? I'm new to this field. Please give the good, bad & ugly.. Thanks 4 the input..

    Please don't use capslock - Dan
  2. 18weeler4life

    18weeler4life New Member

    Sep 4, 2007
    in my opinion wener,shnider,swift there all the same. the only diffrence is the pay is good here but the benifits arnt as good or the oppiset
  3. Gatorchik

    Gatorchik New Member

    Nov 21, 2007
    Werner Rookies

    I'm a Werner Driver, rookie pay is not that good.Dispatch tries to force dispatch rookies.I have seen it.Alot of the solo drivers just don't get the miles, and team drivers they dispatch into the ground.The best runs to get are the dedicated runs,but thats not drop & hook.You have to unload the trailers.The benefits are good.
  4. tchaklos

    tchaklos New Member

    Dec 11, 2007

    can anyone tell whats the driver record limit is for werner i dont have a bad one but im just woundring
  5. Dan

    Dan New Member

    Dec 11, 2006
    Doesn't specify a # on their site, but says "Qualifications: High school graduate or equivalent. Valid driver s license with good driving record required." So if your record is not bad, then I would think your good.

    LITTLE MR New Member

    Jan 15, 2008
    I looked into werner myself and read a lot of negative comments about the company on many sites . However you have to take everything you hear about a company with a grain of salt and try to make an informed decision on your own . not based on negative emotions or experiences of others . I can quickly get a feel for someone when I read their comment and know right away whether or not they have been around awhile or are just a disgruntled trainee . Anyone who has been in this industry more than 15 years knows it has changed dramatically from company attitudes and the caliber of drivers behind the wheels today . You have to have thick skin for this line of work and must be willing to roll with the punches cause lord knows contrary to what any company will tell you , you really don't matter . Sure , some will try the best they can and there are a lot of companies that have respectable business ethics , but in the end you are disposable and the number one priority is the CUSTOMER . The name of the game for them is money and in such a cut throat industry with companies operating on a pennies profit margin , you and your concerns will ALWAYS take a back seat to the ultimate goal . to service the CUSTOMER ! Werner has a whole lot of complaints against them , but from rookies . Go to ripped off . com and search Werner enterprises . If youre totally new to the industry I personally wouldn't recommend it to anyone as it is and has been on a downward slide for millions of us . Hell it took me 16 years to find a good company with all the perks and a dedicated route with gauranteed pay ! If you can be patient and go with the flow , take things as they come you'll make it . But if you have a grand illusion and a short temper this industry will chew ya up and spit you out and say thank you and throw you a nickel ! Amen
  7. adam77

    adam77 New Member

    Jan 16, 2008
    is werner good or bad?

    still not enough post to make a good informed decision, if you dont get the miles how can they afford brand new trucks every 14 months?
  8. dondaman

    dondaman New Member

    Feb 7, 2008
    I am a recent employee of werner and was asked to do 105 hrs of training due to my lack of RECENT experience. After three long weeks, my training hrs were done (so I thought). The day I finished my training hrs. I called dispatch to find out where they wanted me to pick up my truck and start making some money. They then told me that they wouldn't have a truck for me yet and wanted me to stay on the trainer's truck for another week to see if one would become available and was also informed they were very limited and may take up to 30 days. The pay was then dropping from $400/wk for training to $50 for every 10 hrs. that I drove. It's not hard to do the math, that is $5/hr. I'm not one to bash a company but this experence with them was very unpleasant and not one that I would recommend to any new driver when they ask for 275 training hrs.
  9. Gatorchik

    Gatorchik New Member

    Nov 21, 2007
    Hey, ,
    Don't you know. . you could have told them NO .
    You have to make them give you what you were promised. . I would have told them to put me up in a motel until. they had me a truck. . which means you wouldn't be making any money, , but. . $5.00 an hour. is below minimum wage. . don't let them push you around # 1. If they sense weakness, , you have already LOSt the battle. .
  10. dondaman

    dondaman New Member

    Feb 7, 2008
    I did tell them no. I'm sitting at my house waiting for a truck.
  11. hackler1981

    hackler1981 New Member

    Feb 10, 2008

    i have almost 2 years exp i was out of a truck for 2 months and they told me i had to do 70 hours with a trainer. the first one i had was an owner op quitting the company he made me sleep in the passenger seat for three days and then took me back to atlanta and quit i then had to go out with another guy who i really really liked a very nice guy and then after my 70 was up they told me i had to do another 40 hours and payed me 200 for it. and if i didn't want to i could go home and they would call me when they got a truck. when i was in training my trainer told me they sent almost 200 students home right after training and told them they had no equipment for them they would call them when they got a truck for em.

    now the good abut them i was transfering my my dl from indiana to alabama and it turned out to be a 3weeks process after my dl was expired and they were super patient with me. the took my truck back but am paying to get me back to atlanta so i can get another truck in the am. most companies would have canned you they had to pay for a wrecker to come get the truck from my house storage fees plus have another driver recover it so in that reaspect werner is o.k but otherwise i was not impressed in the beggining hower my trainer who has been with them 21 years and 2 million plus miles says they are great just give it time to iron out the kinks of being a new hire.
  12. Gatorchik

    Gatorchik New Member

    Nov 21, 2007

    I just noticed you are from Orlando, its hard to get a good truck out of Lakeland terminal anyway. . Most are crappy there. but they might get you to drive it from there to Atlanta or Dallas terminals, to get a good one. Good Luck, hope you are happily trucking.
    Linda, from Lake City.
  13. lugnutz

    lugnutz New Member

    Feb 14, 2008
    ex-werner sucker

    I went to werner straight out of school.My experience with Werner sucked! They fail to mention some things and whitewashed others. They jerked me around on the crappy miles I was getting and stuck me primarily in the Northeast where I couldn't do any productive running. The dispatcher I had was a dimwit and the guys who worked with her were morons. You're a number, that's all. It's nothing personal. They don't screw you because they dislike you. They do it because they have a customer to please and you ARE the truck.not the human being driving it. I have a lot of crappy stories from my short time driving for them.

    The trucker's motto: "For me to know and you to find out"

    I suppose that's why you're here in the first place.

    Good Luck!
  14. CowboyJustin

    CowboyJustin New Member

    Mar 7, 2008
    I drove for werner.from training to a year otr.and didn't have any issues.it's all about the training "supervisor" and your dispatcher, I probably would still be with them, if I hadn't broken my leg getting out of my truck in Gillette Wyoming. Woke up around 5am went to get out of my truck and slipped off the top step and broke my femur.
  15. Wild Turkey

    Wild Turkey New Member

    Apr 20, 2007
    Safety First

    Sorry to hear you broke your leg.
    Guess they didn't teach or you didn't learn you the 3-contact-point method of gettin' in and out.
  16. uncle_tater83

    uncle_tater83 New Member

    Mar 27, 2008

    I came over to Werner Enterprises from Swift with a load of promises from the Big Blue Screw's recruiting department. Nice truck, good pay, plenty of miles, ect. What I got was nothing but a hard time for three months. I was a Van 48 state driver under the watchful eye of fleet manager Curtis Lockhart. When I completed orientation down at the Lakeland, Florida terminal, I set out for a 1 week training run with a Dollar General Dedicated driver who I will say is a stand up individual who broadened my knowledge behind the wheel of a Diesel Rig. When my training time was up I was told I'd have to stay with a trainer another week because they had no trucks to issue. A week later I went back for my truck which took me 3 days to get and instead of a nice truck like I was promised, I got a beat up Peterbilt 379 that looked like somebody had slammed the passenger side of the truck into a wall! Busted fender, air filter can crushed, mesh on exaust stack completely torn open. I was told if i refused the truck they'd stop paying me and put me at the back of the line. Months went by and the miles kept getting harder to come by. Each day a new call to my Fleet Manager pleading for more miles, 2 weeks with paychecks $150-$200 wasn't cutting it. When my truck finally came up to be sold due to high mileage they deadheaded me from Lakeland, Florida to the terminal in Lithia Springs, Georgia to get a new truck. I sit in Lithia Springs all weekend only to get fired by safety for an accident 2 weeks earlier that did 50 dollars worth of damage. And best of all, seeing how i was already in Lakeland and I live in Florida anyways, they send me all the way to the Atlanta area and tell me I'm fired. All they would offer me to get home was a lousy greyhound bus ticket. Any truck driver knows that you carry way too much stuff on a truck to get it all home on a greyhound. I ended up having to rent a car to get back home. I'm still waiting for my truck bond to be sent to me. I left their truck in good shape but i expect a scam from them to keep my money. Thanks to the BIG BLUE SCREW i decided to end my truck driving career. If its going to be like werner i want nothing else to do with it.
  17. thefatkid

    thefatkid New Member

    Jul 14, 2009
    i went to werener out of truckdriving school was about 2 months into the training had 25 hours left out of 300 hours and truck broke down on side of hiway had triangles out and flashers on got hit by another truck as we were on shoulder all the way .ever since then been nothin but a head ache had to pay to get myself home to see dr still waitin on the full reimbursment this happened in may and im still home waiting for the money and to go to dr to get cleared for work and al i did was hit my head in the sleeper as i was standing in it to send message for breakdown assistance before we got hit. i am unsure if i wanna coutine in this field or not judgin by the way i have been treated by them thus far
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Just reading all of these messages would make me swear on a stack of porno mags---uh, I mean Bibles---never to drive for Werner. To the one hand who is considering abandoning the industry: when you're with the right outfit, there's NOTHIN' BETTER... finding the right outfit is the trick. For me, that means big long runs clear across the United States---I've never had any luck with short-haul outfits, too much sittin' around and not gettin' paid for it. I was with a good outfit for a while, running from San Diego to the East Coast and back, but they were defrauded by some a*shole back when fuel spiked, and they didn't make it. Now I'm trying to find another job like that one, and it's not easy... Nowadays, it seems like these companies would rather hire a rookie or a wetback with a fake license rather than pay for years of experience... Oh, well, sooner or later I hook up with someone who has it goin' on, runnin' coast to coast, and this little brokedick period won't even be a bad memory.

  19. drivethis

    drivethis New Member

    Aug 13, 2009
    Wow you xpect to hired with that rascist attude U crayz sob.. I hope u never find an outfitt like u had b4 karma is a bitch. And if u ever get back on the road u will fail
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'll be the EXPERIENCED OTR DRIVER easing past the FATALITY WRECK caused by the SORRY-ASS ETHNIC POGUE who didn't have a F#$%@*G CLUE about REALITY, DICKHEAD. If anybody FAILS, it'll be your POGUE-ASS PAISANO who fell asleep with the cruise on, DUMBSHIT, just like the F#$%@*G WETBACK who KILLED A HALF DOZEN PEOPLE out there in NM... BUT YOU WEREN'T THERE, WERE YA, STUPID?!? TOO F_____ BAD... WOULD'VE DONE THE MOTORING PUBLIC A FAVOR...

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